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FeedBiotics is a division of SoilBiotics, and is dedicated to moving the benefits of humate-based products into the world of animal agriculture. 

Manure Digester

Feedbiotics Products
FeedBiotics Manure Digester is mined as a dry humate, which is then processed to extract natural elements to make a non-toxic liquid product containing three key components; trace materials, activated carbon, and humic acids. 64 different trace minerals provide stimulation of microbes, breakdown solid matter and reduction of dangerous gases. The activated carbon prevents elements found naturally in manure from rendering microbes inactive. Humic acids help break down solids found in manure by making a better environment for stimulating microbes.
FeedBiotics Manure Digester can be used for shallow and deep pit systems, shallow gutters with scrapers, compost enclosures, slurry stones and lagoons, and solid separation systems.
FeedBiotics Manure Digester:
  • Decreases harmful ammonia gas and offensive odors for a safer, healthier and more pleasant environment for workers and livestock
  • Liquefies and reduces solids for easier pumping
  • Aids in removing and preventing crusts for easier manure management
  • Reduces overall volume to minimize hauling frequency, pumping, and spreading which in turn, saves time and money
  • May be used in organic and conventional programs
FeedBiotics Manure Digester

Boost manure decomposition with FeedBiotics
Manure Digester


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Feed Grade Humic Products

Feedbiotics Products

FeedBiotics Feed Grade Humic Products are currently undergoing FDA review and we will be uploading product information data sheets as soon as agency approval is received.